As of June 9th, the St. Louis County Health Department has allowed us to open for public seating. Since we are not clearly ‘out of the woods’ concerning COVID-19, we have taken measures to help ensure your comfort and safety while you enjoy your day at Mackenzie’s.  At this time, we are operating on abbreviated hours as well as offering the occasional Pizza Day, so stay tuned to your favorite social media outlet for updates and details.  We would especially like to thank all of our wonderful guests during the initial COVID period for their patronage and generosity.  Without them, we wouldn’t be here today!

As of February 26, 2021, our hours will be as follows: 

Tuesday–Thursday   /  4:00–8:00 PM

Friday–Saturday  /  3:00–10:00 PM

Sunday–Monday  /  CLOSED

In 2011 Mackenzie Brewing Company was born, in concept at least. It has come to life a ‘quick’ seven years later... 


Now open in Valley Park, Missouri!


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